Sunday, January 18, 2009

"You Light Up My Life" Sunday 1/18/09 edition

This person is one of my most faithful readers sometimes checking up on us several times a day. :)
This person is very creative.
This person was right there with & for us through the tremendous emotional ups & downs of the days surrounding Luke's birth & his birthmother's relinquishment.
This person let us take over her home (basically gave it up to us) for 2 weeks while we waited for permission to leave Georgia & head back to Illinois after Luke's birth, which is something we will always be soooo grateful to her for doing.
She makes me laugh when she piles lots of cheese on her food because she LOVES it knowing that she will regret it a few hours later when her stomach is upset (lactose intolerance is not her friend!)
She is a good aunt to Luke even if she doesn't change diapers or like kids very well when they're acting up! :)
I love how persistent she is about making her cat here in IL a housecat even though her parents will have no part in it, since it is their house.
She has a great fashion sense & understands the torment that goes along with having curly hair!
She is a good friend to have & I am glad to know her.
She is a great sister to my husband.

So Mary~here's to you, it's finally your turn! I love ya! :)