Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eat Your Colors!

Here at the Faith, Hope & Poop? household we are working on trying to be healthier in 2009. We have definitely come a long way since we first got married 5 1/2 years ago, but Scott & I both know that there is always more we could be doing. Part of our desire is vanity, we both want to look & feel better about ourselves, but a lot of it is wanting to set a good example for Luke. We want him to want to eat healthy & to see us doing the same thing. We already try to keep a lot of the "junk" food out of our house (because we know that we will choose to eat it if it is here, instead of choosing something healthy!) Don't get me wrong though, we do still have some of that stuff around, but the amount has definitely decreased through the years. We also try to exercise some, but not nearly enough as we should. This all brings us to our new challenge. Scott (& me too, but just not as often) is constantly saying how we should be trying to fit more fruits & veggies into our meals/routines. We do a pretty good job with Luke (with the fruit anyway...although recently he has shown a slight fondness for cabbage, go figure), but when it comes to ourselves we only do a so/so job. Soooo...our new challenge is to try to "eat our colors" everyday. Check out this website for more info & I'll keep you posted on our progress & I challenge you to do it too!

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