Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome ICLWers :)

Those of you who are regular readers may notice a jump in the number of comments I am receiving over this next week (which makes me very happy! I love reading comments!) This is all because I am participating in "IComLeavWe" Week, which I found via the wonderful world of IF (aka infertility) & adoption blog reading & which means I'm visiting lots of new blogs this week & leaving lots of comments & hoping that lots of new people will be visiting my blog & leaving lots of comments (you get the idea!) ;) So to all of the new readers-welcome & to all of my regular or previous readers-welcome back (& I hope that you will all leave a comment sometime during the next week, especially since this is my first time!) :) You can learn more about it by clicking on the button over there on the left hand side & I promise more & better (I hope!) content as ICLW week rolls on!

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