Sunday, January 25, 2009

"You Light Up My Life" Sunday 1/25/09

This person always makes me laugh.
This person is by far the "most intelligent" person in his family...if you listen to him tell it :)
I am actually a bit frightened by how alike our sense of humors are!
This person would do anything for his family & friends.
He is a good uncle, but prefers to see his niece & nephews in 'small doses'.
This person loves to cook & is good at it too.
He loves to sing, especially when he may only know one little phrase of a song & knows that it may be annoying to his brother.
He is a good brother to his brothers & sister.
This person is very thoughtful, most of the time. ;)
He is my only hope for having a niece named "Ethelburga" someday! haha (maybe I'll share this inside joke with all of you in a future post someday...)

So to my brother-in-law, Brad, here's to you~I love ya!


Andrea said...

Aw...that was sweet. You have a fun BIL!


Rope said...

Hooray! I think I am probably one of most shiny lights that there could be.