Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Note...

Dear Mom & Dad,

I love both of you very much, but I am not sure why you both continue to torture me so. You continue to hide my one new most favorite toy & I don't know why! Oh sure, there for a long time I was scared of it & sure, I don't really realize that it is gone until I get a peek of it, but now that I am the ripe old age of 16 months when I do see it I WANT it! Its dancing intrigues me, its music mesmerizes me & all I want to do is just listen to it. I am not really sure why you two don't want to sit with me for hours upon hours listening to it & pushing the button over & over again with each new demand when the song ends. Come on now, what are parents for anyway! If this abuse continues, I will have to continue my campaign of pulling out the "lip" & the cries of despair that make you think that the world is coming to an end! (Granted this may all be dependent on me remembering that the toy exists or me catching a glimpse of it, but still...you get my point!) Good Day!

Your Lovable Son,

P.S. Thanks mom for typing this note for me! :)

(If you're curious to know what this 'new most favorite toy' is, stay tuned for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow...)

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Courtney said...

hilarious. just saw the toy! oh my...