Thursday, January 15, 2009

"It's been years"

Yesterday afternoon I was going about my normal routine/schedule at school. My job in the afternoons is to go around to certain K-2 classrooms pulling out individual students to do reading interventions (activities to improve their reading skills) with them. I work with the same students, for the most part, every afternoon. I enjoy this part of the day because I am constantly on the go~I don't spend more than 15-20 mins in any one classroom at a time. Even with the constant changing, it can sometimes seem a bit monotonous when you are trying to get a student to sound out/say the words correctly over & over again, especially if they are not getting it. For example, part of a typical session could go like this:

Me: Look at the word, say each letter sound & then say the whole word.
(We'll pretend the word is "red")
Student: rrr-iii-ddd "rid"
Me: No, try again, remember it's an e not an i
Student: Oh yeah! rrr-eee-ddd "rid"
Me: No, this time you said the right sound, but then you changed it when you put it all together
Student: (hopefully this next step is what happens, sometimes this previous part can occur again & again before they get it or they don't get it until I say it with them) rrr-eee-ddd "red"
Me: Yes! You got it!

Keep in mind this is not what happens with every child, but it does seem to happen at least a couple of times over the course of each afternoon, so on those slow moving afternoons, these episodes can feel like an eternity at times. This is why I appreciate when something totally unexpected/out of the ordinary happens on these afternoons.
Yesterday afternoon I went to one of my classrooms to pull the student I needed to work with at that time. Well, his class was in the middle of watching a movie/documentary about penguins. I asked the teacher if he needed to stay to see it & she said that it was okay to pull him, that they were watching it because they were getting ready to start a lesson about penguins so he wouldn't be missing too much. As the student & I were heading out into the hallway, he looks up at me & says:

Student: Is this going to take very long?
Me: Nope! Only about 10 mins, I promise you won't miss much of your movie!
Student: Oh goood! I don't want to miss it-it's been years since I've seen a penguin movie!
Me: Years, huh? (holding back my laughter)
Student: Yeah, I don't even remember when I saw one last...

He's only 7! I couldn't help but pass this info along to his teacher. She was glad & I was glad that he was getting to see his first penguin movie in years & we both had a great chuckle over it! :)

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