Friday, January 2, 2009

Interesting Hobby...

I told him that I was going to do this, so here it is~I hope you enjoy this little story!

Yesterday, while Luke was at the neighbor's (babysitter) house, Scott & I decided (well, I decided for us) to clean up the office. It was a mess, believe me! Most of the issue is paper clutter & alot of the issue is that Scott & I both tend to have "pack rat" tendencies. I, however, have really been trying to work on mine over the last year & have gotten more into the mindset of "if I don't use it...throw it out or donate it" which, needless to say, is quite traumatizing on my poor dear husband.
He hates having to throw things out because "we might need it someday". I usually retort "well, we haven't needed this [insert the necessity here] in over 5 years of marriage, what makes you think that we're going to need it anytime soon". To which, he replies "I don't know, but we might & then you'll wish you hadn't thrown it away!" I just politely smile & say "If I ever need that, then I'll just buy another one then, but I highly doubt that I will need it anytime soon!" you can imagine, we had a lot of throwing out to do! Well when we were all finished & everything was looking good again, I happened to mention that Scott could put up his new Dilbert desk calendar that he got for Christmas. He thought that this was a good idea so he opened it & put it on the desk. I then said "Now we can throw the box away". Scott then informed me that no he would not be throwing the box away because he keeps the calendar pages after he rips them off. My reaction "What for?" Basically, he said that he likes them (the comic strips) & then proceeded to show me the box (with calendar pages) that he has kept from a previous year along with some big color comic strips he had received at another time. He said that he keeps them because he is going to do something with them someday, "What?" he doesn't know, but something!
I was at a loss for words & just shook my head (although I did mention that this was definitely a story for the blog & would definitely be labeled 'Harassing my Husband'!) So if anyone out there has any idea, what you can do with comic strip desk calendar pages (at least 2 years worth) & HUGE comic strips, please send them our way, apparently we are in need of ideas!

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pjseiler said...

We got quite a chuckle out of this one. Great to know that our gift to Scott will be put to such good use and kept FOREVER. So touching. :)